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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Stooooof 8U
  • Reading: Homewooooork...
  • Watching: Jacksepticeye.... again XD
I wasn't tagged. Just thought this looked cool and it'd give me an excuse to draw more for people than a secret Santa if I get the chance to.
Plus I wouldn't feel so guilty if I can't finish on time <|D

Tag info:
"You're supposed to make a list of things you wish for and people may or may not gift you things off this list. UvU
And then you can go and gift other people things off their list for christmas ect ect if there is anything on their lists where you could help out and make somebody's biggest wish come true. ~ ^ v ^"

**Side note** List is in no particular order. It's just whatever pops into my head at the time. ovo

Wishlist ::

1. 'Becca
I don't even know why but I'd like to sort out a reference for her soon and upload it so I can see more pretty arts. <|D
2. Avangeline Because she's a cute kid that got adopted by Zombii-Milkshake's badasses you can find right here X'D Wayne, Clyde, and Jasmine <- What's not to love? XD
3. ~Milotic: Maya~ Maaaaay as well throw out a few pokemon gijinka options. Maya spazzing out over something sounds cool. XD
5. Mariam Spiritomb *Sprinkles in something a little crazy*
6. Alec Colt (Perditus) ...If you draw this guy feel free to go nuts I guess? :shrug:
7. CRACK BABIES <- Draw Specter plz. Do it. Do it for the rainbows. **Will Make A Ref For Her Soon**
8. Halona & Hops. Again, why not? XD
9. How am I meant to stretch this list to 10 things!? Lavander Errr... something something cute, shy and pastelly.
10. Anyone that catches your eye from THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPS.

Ask if there's any questions I guess. |D


Urrrghhh I HATE tagging people <|D
Uhhh... Zombii-Milkshake , scarthedragon , LionOrBeast... And whoever else may wanna do this I suppose. I dunno, I never pick good people to tag. |D


Catherine (The Lazy Witch)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

Things you may find me on;
Flightrising | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Skype | Facebook
Note me if you want any of these links, worst I can do is say no.

To-Do List (*Updated):bulletblack: - Not Started
:bulletred: - On hold
:bulletblue: - Workin' On It
:bulletgreen: - Done

Real Life;
:bulletblue: Art Homework
        - A4 black biro drawing of chicken
        - Annotate Sketchbook
:bulletblue: Applied Science Homework
        - Research.
        - Complete Vinegar assessments
:bulletred: History Homework
        - Charles 1st Profile
:bulletred: Law Homework
        - Complete revision sheets on google docs
        - Complete flash cards
        - Don't panic about getting U/E/D when there is a exam in January...
:bulletred: Start saving up money needed for;
        - New laptop (~£250 +Anti-virus = ~£300)
        - Tablet repairs/replacement (~£80)
:bulletpurple: Character ListKey 1 - Relationships;
:bulletred: Shipped (THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPS)
:bulletpink: Free/Looking
:bulletblue: Cannot Be Shipped
:bulletwhite: Not Sure
:bulletblack: Dealing With Death
**Note; Bullets by kids names refers to relationships when they're ADULT
Key 2 - Other;
:bulletyellow: 'Sona
Sonic Characters
:bulletred: Spirit (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Dark (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Tyler (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Frost (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Flash (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Swift (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Topaz ???
[Bullet; Pink] Mystic (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Jewel (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Chaos (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Kenji ???
[Bullet; Red] Elizabeth (Ellie) Stone
[Bullet; Pink] Abbie Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Issac Burnum
[Bullet; Pink] Iris Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Umber
[Bullet; Blue] John Murphy
[Bullet; Pink] Storm Cale
[Bullet; Blue] Alex Cale
[Bullet; Pink] Dusk Fletcher
[Bullet; Pink] Jacob Fle
:bulletpurple: THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPSCode;
:bulletyellow: Married / Engaged
:bulletred: Dating
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletwhite: Crack Pairing
:bulletblack: Is an innuendo/bad pun/Not Secure
:bulletblue: ??? (We're not sure what it comes under. |D)
:bulletorange: Dead (e.g. One half/both members of said ship are dead. No use. No shippy skippy. Kept for story purposes (e.g. they were so-and-so's parents)
Sonic Pairings;
:bulletyellow: Swift Shifter X Rose Bunny (a.k.a Swise)
:bulletyellow: Fear Bunny X Frost Shifter (a.k.a Fear)
:bulletyellow: Ace (Voice) X Dark Shifter (a.k.a Dace)
[Bullet; Red] Flash Shifter X Honey
[Bullet; Pink] Saber X Shard
[Bullet; Red] Tyler Shifter X Slash Bunny
[Bullet; Red] Bandit (Voice) X Leah (Voice) (a.k.a. Ledit)
[Bullet; Red] Blade Bunny X Ellie Stone
[Bullet; Red] Hack Bunny X Ruby
[Bullet; Yellow] Venom Bunny X Emerald Sparz
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red] Aiden SoulStealer X Kira
[Bullet; Pink] Luca ??? X Alisha Bunny
[Bullet; Red] Asilo Bunny X Skylar Griffin
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red] Seth ???Skeleton
:bulletpurple: -Open Adoptables-Hey guys, Jinx-The-Witch102 here :la:
This is the list of open adoptables! Be sure to check out the 'Featured' area of our gallery for any adopts I may miss! :la:
If you can share this list with anyone that may be interested in our adopts please send them a link please! Advertisement is greatly appreciated!  
Order: Oldest -> Newest
 <- Anthro Squirrel; Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICE-:bulletgreen:
 <- Feline/Cats; One Open! :bulletgreen:-FREEBIES; JUST COMMENT FOR 'EM-:bulletgreen:       
 <- Anthros; One Open!
 <- Wolves; Three Open!          
 <- Old Characters; Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:       
:bulletpurple: CustomsHey all! Jinx-The-Witch102 here!
So, people lately seem to have been interested in customs
(In other words, you ask us to design you a character you want. :la:)
Soooo I thought it was about time to put up a journal about them!
PLEASE NOTE; We keep updated information on the front page about whether these are open
If you want commissions, please visit our accounts for those prices.
(Also, please remember to mention which artist you want to draw your custom. It saves confusion :XD:)

Jinx-The-Witch102 / Catherine
50-70:points: Regarding on difficulty!
Please fill out;
1; Style;
(E.g. Sonic, Anthro, Feral, Human...)
2; Species; 
(E.g. Vampire, Canine, Feline, Monster...)
3; Gender;
(...You saying you don't know male, female or herm? :stare:)
*4; Theme;
(E.g. A set colour scheme or character theme such as horror, ra
:bulletpurple: Point Commission Prices (CLOSED)Note; I am a VERY forgetful person, I will make a list of people who ask for these, but make sure to remind me Sweating a little...
Refunds are avaliable unless I have already finished inking
Images will be uploaded after full payment has been made
(*I will start working once I recieve at least half of my payment)
I can draw:
Animals (Real &/ Mythical)
Anthros / Fursonas
Sonic Characters
Fan Characters (e.g. Pokemon/Fakemon)
Mild Violence/Horror (Suitable for under 18's)
Mild Nudity (Suitable for under 18's)
I do NOT draw:
Yaoi/Yuri (Sorry guys, I don't like it)
Fetish Art (<- It's just... no. A big fat freakin' no.)
*If you want me to draw one of your OC's/FC's I'd like some sort of reference (or at least a full-body picture of them)*
        - Sketches - 20Points
        + 10
:bulletpurple: Paypal Commission Prices (OPEN)For point commission prices please look here -> Point Commission Prices (OPEN)

Full Body; £5 / 6€ /$8
Half Body; £3 / 4€ / $5
Extra Characters; +£3 / 4€ / $5 each
Sketch Dump;

(Maximum of 8 sketches)
Uncoloured; £25 / 32€ / $40
Patchy Colours; £35 / 44€ / $56

Full Body;
£8 / 10€ /$13
Half Body; £5 / 4€ / $8
Extra Characters; +£4 / 5€ / $6 each
Flat Coloured;
Ari Haunter by Jinx-The-Witch102

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