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  • Mood: Lonely
Because bored Jinxy is bored and wants to have a roleplay. So I thought I'd do this to develop some characters :D

Notes for you guys;
- You CAN choose which of the two characters below you wanna rp with. That's why I put a two down, however you're free to ask to use someone else you would prefer. (No limits what-so-ever on who you can pick)

- I am comfortable with roleplaying through Skype, Chatroom, Comments or Notes (If you want my skype for an rp, I will note you it)

- If I'm not interested in where you're taking the story I'll drop it. Simple as. Sorry.

- New shippings may be considered if the rp develops; however that takes time. I'm not doing 'love at first sight' or one nighters. That's normally a bad story. Me no want.

- We can either use script or paragraph; I'm happy with either, just that one takes more time than the other obviously. =p

- For the love of god NO GODMODDING. (e.g. Having an 'invincible' character if a fight breaks out, or controlling my characters actions. I've had this happen too damn often.)

- Swearing is fine, just don't be over the top without reason.

- Nothing 18+ in the comments section; remember anyone can read that (I dunno why I need to say this but I'm just putting it out there anyway. I will either skip that part or hide your comments)

- Please use reasonable English and grammar. If I can't understand what your character is saying/doing how is this gonna work?

- I will make different starters for different people; just tell me if you prefer script/paragraph or anything in particular. (I'm also open to you guys suggesting a starter of your own)

* If we're starting this tonight please note that I'll have to go soon. Also- I type somewhat slowly due to terrible spelling (and usually having ~4 tabs open). Be patient please.

Who am I using?
Rebecca Amelia'Becca Concept by Jinx-The-Witch102
Some notes on her;
- She's a bold, stand-offish and proud character with a lot of self confidence, and she works life couch after she failed to reach her initial goal of being a pilot, and enjoys dancing in her free time. Annoy her and she'll sass the heck out of anyone, and she typically uses her speed/gliding ability to avoid potential backlash.


'Kasey' JonesKasey Jones REF by Jinx-The-Witch102
- While Kasey is a mute she shows some of her emotions via the markings on her arms. She also likes to communicate using her neon abilities, however those are best seen during the night when she often puts on little 'shows' in secluded areas to let off steam away from people (plus, being in neon lights appear to give her a slight energy boosts when ill). Obviously, she cannot interact with people as well as others due to being unable to talk and can be a bit socially awkward, but she's otherwise pretty friendly.

(With that all said and done- lets go! :D)


Catherine (The Lazy)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

Some things about me-
- I'm a teenage girl who hopes to get a job, save up money, and then travel to different places around the world one day.
- I love to rp, but I'm very picky about my partners due to some very bad storylines. Yes, story. I like my rp's to have one if you want them to last. Even if it's semi-improvised. (I do script or paragraph if anyone's interested)
- I'm kinda awkward around new people... I never know how to start conversations unless someone else that I know is there
- My mood can bounce around a bit. Sorry if it drops out while I'm talking to you, it can't be helped usually.

Things you may find me on;
Flightrising | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Skype | Facebook
Note me if you want any of these links, worst I can do is say no.

To-Do List Of Terror:bulletblack: - Not Started
:bulletred: - On hold
:bulletblue: - Workin' On It
:bulletgreen: - Done

Real Life;
Art Homework
        :bulletblue: 8 pages of artwork DEADLINE FEB 1ST
                :bulletred: Artist Research
                :bulletblue: Colour studies for the book
        :bulletblue: 2 A2 studysheets (0/2 complete)
        :bulletblue: Raw Artwork Exhibition DEADLINE FEB 10TH (?)
            :bulletblue: Concept 1- Inks - Testing
            [Bullet; Blue] Concept 2- Watercolours - Testing
History Homework
        [Bullet; Red] Start revising American Civil Rights (a.k.a. TO AMAZON FOR BOOKS)
Character ListKey 1 - Relationships;
:bulletred: Shipped (THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPS)
:bulletpink: Free/Looking
:bulletblue: Cannot Be Shipped
:bulletwhite: Not Sure
:bulletblack: Dealing With Death
**Note; Bullets by kids names refers to relationships when they're ADULT
Key 2 - Other;
:bulletyellow: 'Sona
Sonic Characters
:bulletred: Spirit (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Dark (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Tyler (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Frost (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Flash (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Swift (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Topaz ???
[Bullet; Pink] Mystic (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Jewel (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Chaos (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Kenji ???
[Bullet; Red] Elizabeth (Ellie) Stone
[Bullet; Pink] Abbie Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Issac Burnum
[Bullet; Pink] Iris Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Umber
[Bullet; Blue] John Murphy
[Bullet; Pink] Storm Cale
[Bullet; Blue] Alex Cale
[Bullet; Pink] Dusk Fletcher
[Bullet; Pink] Jacob Fle
:bulletyellow: Married / Engaged
:bulletred: Dating
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletwhite: Crack Pairing
:bulletblack: Is an innuendo/bad pun/Not Secure
:bulletblue: ??? (We're not sure what it comes under. |D)
:bulletorange: Dead (e.g. One half/both members of said ship are dead. No use. No shippy skippy. Kept for story purposes (e.g. they were so-and-so's parents)
Sonic Pairings;
:bulletyellow: Swift Shifter X Rose Bunny (a.k.a Swise)
:bulletyellow: Fear Bunny X Frost Shifter (a.k.a Fear)
:bulletyellow: Ace (Voice) X Dark Shifter (a.k.a Dace)
[Bullet; Red] Flash Shifter X Honey
[Bullet; Pink] Saber X Shard
[Bullet; Red] Tyler Shifter X Slash Bunny
[Bullet; Red] Bandit (Voice) X Leah (Voice) (a.k.a. Ledit)
[Bullet; Red] Blade Bunny X Ellie Stone
[Bullet; Red] Hack Bunny X Ruby
[Bullet; Yellow] Venom Bunny X Emerald Sparz
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red] Aiden SoulStealer X Kira
[Bullet; Pink] Luca ??? X Alisha Bunny
[Bullet; Red] / [Bullet; Yellow] Asilo Bunny X Skylar Griffin
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red]
-Open Adoptables-Hey guys, Jinx-The-Witch102 here :la:
This is the list of open adoptables! Be sure to check out the 'Featured' area of our gallery for any adopts I may miss! :la:
Advertisement is greatly appreciated!  
Order: Oldest -> Newest
-Set Prices-
 <- Wolves; Three Open!          
 <- Old Characters; Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:       
 <- Chibi Dragon Adopts; Three Open!
<- Mystery Eggs #2; Two Open!
 <- Monster Adopts; One Open!
 <- Sonic Adopts (Female); Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:
 <- Kitty Adopts!; Three Open!
CustomsHey all! Jinx-The-Witch102 here!
So, people lately seem to have been interested in customs
(In other words, you ask us to design you a character you want. :la:)
Soooo I thought it was about time to put up a journal about them!
PLEASE NOTE; We keep updated information on the front page about whether these are open
If you want commissions, please visit our accounts for those prices.
(Also, please remember to mention which artist you want to draw your custom. It saves confusion :XD:)

Jinx-The-Witch102 / Catherine
NEGOTIABLE (note me)
50-70:points: Regarding on difficulty!
Please fill out;
1; Style;
(E.g. Sonic, Anthro, Feral, Human...)
2; Species; 
(E.g. Vampire, Canine, Feline, Monster...)
3; Gender;
(...You saying you don't know male, female or herm? :stare:)
*4; Theme;
(E.g. A set colour scheme or character theme such as horror, rav
Point Commission Prices (ASK)PRICES:
        - Sketches - 30Points
        + 15Points for every extra character(s)
    **+ 10Points for flat/patchy colours
       - Sketch Dumps - 80Points
        - Traditional sketch dumps have roughly 6-7 pictures depending on size of sketches
        - Digital sketch dumps will have a limit of 8 pictures
        +10Points for each sketch with flat/patchy colours
        - <
Paypal Commission Prices (ASK)For point commission prices please look here -> Point Commission Prices (OPEN)

Full Body; £2.50 / 3€ /$4
Half Body; £1.50 / 2€ / $2.5
Extra Characters; +£1.50 / 2€ / $2.5 each
Sketch Dump;

(Maximum of 8 sketches)
Uncoloured; £12.50 / 16€ / $20
'Patchy' Colours; £17.50 / 22€ / $28

Full Body; £4 / 5€ /$6.5
Half Body; £2.50 / 2€ / $4
Extra Characters; +£2 / 2.5€ / $3 each

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