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Hope you like my gallery!! :dummy:

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Join.Me's work at college. Now I can stream art. :D
^Come join if you want. I'm only really trying to come up with good colour schemes on adopts before I finish them in GIMP later... still don't understand photoshop. :XD:

Urk, it crashed. My bad. Let's try a permenant link instead... x_x

Join.Me is now over. Gotta go home, and I can't stream there. o3o


Catherine (The Lazy Witch)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

Things you may find me on;
Flightrising | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Skype
Note me if you want any of these links, worst I can do is say no.

:bulletpurple: To-Do List:bulletblack: - Not Started
:bulletred: - On hold
:bulletblue: - Workin' On It
:bulletpurple: - Halfway there
:bulletgreen: - Done

Real Life;
:bulletblue: - Catch up with Science and Law work
:bulletred: - Start saving for Christmas
:bulletred: - Finishing all sketches
:bulletpurple: - 'Straight Outta Hell Adopts' for x-RandomAdopts-x
:bulletred: - 100 Themes Challenge
[Bullet; Red] - Monster girls challenge
[Bullet; Red] - Jinxed-Dimensions junk.
[Bullet; Blue] Custom Anthros ordered from x-RandomAdopts-x
                [Bullet; Blue] Number 3 - Sketching - Fully Paid
                [Bullet; Red] Number 4 - Not Started - Fully Paid
[Bullet; Blue] Halloween YCH/Collab with Zombii-Milkshake (I Sketch + Shade, she Inks + Colours. Profits split.)
[Bullet; Blue] Autumn Art Challenge (7/31 complete)
[Bullet; Red] Commission Sheets.
[Bullet; Blue] Fully Shaded
:bulletpurple: Character + Personal Species ListSonic Characters
Spirit (Shape)Shifter
Dark (Shape)Shifter
Tyler (Shape)Shifter
Frost (Shape)Shifter
Flash (Shape)Shifter
Swift (Shape)Shifter
Topaz ???
Mystic (Shape)Shifter
Jewel (Shape)Shifter
Chaos (Shape)Shifter
Kenji ???
Elizabeth (Ellie) Stone
Abbie Stone
Issac Burnum
Iris Stone
John Murphy
Storm Cale
Alex Colt
Dusk Fletcher
Jacob Fletcher
Conner Marsh
Cole (/Lazer/Neyo) Milo
Eclipse Murmur
Alice Hail
Ruby ???
Emerald Sparz
Sappi(hire) Sparks
Danny Sparks
Jonathon Sparz
Eva Sparz
Kira ???
Kibira ???
Skylar ???
Zoey ??? (Skeleton)
Chloe ??? (Zombie)
Next Gen (Pairing's Kids)
Anthro Characters
(My anthro/sona is she'd count)
Amira Fawnheart
Hazel Hearthstone
Celeste Morgana
Luke (Lucky) Claw
Arthur Claw
Harry Thickle
Jamie (Jay) Ashton
Samantha Locksmith
Ashlee Thorn
Dylan (Blitz) Light
Damien (Dusk) Night
Amdia Blain
Perditus / Alec Colt
Kasey Jones
June Mayton
Cole Mayton
Maddie Plague
'Shade' Maple G
:bulletpurple: THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPSSonic Pairings;
Swift Shifter X Rose Bunny (a.k.a Swise)
Fear Bunny X Frost Shifter (a.k.a Fear)
Ace (Voice) X Dark Shifter (a.k.a Dace)
Flash Shifter X Honey
Saber X Shard
Tyler Shifter X Slash Bunny
Bandit (Voice) X Leah (Voice) (a.k.a. Ledit)
Blade Bunny X Ellie Stone
Hack Bunny X Ruby
Venom Bunny X Emerald Sparz
Aiden SoulStealer X Kira
Luca ??? X Alisha Bunny
Asilo Bunny X Skylar Griffin
Seth ???Skeleton X Zoey

*Crack Sonic Pairings*

Kenji X Angel Bunny (a.k.a Kengel)
Spirit Shifter X Emo Bunny (rofl)
Flash Shifter X Fear Bunny (Shoot me now plz rofl(a.k.a Flear))
Virus Bunny X "Rhubarb" Bunny (She gonna die... XD)
Asilo Bunny X Kira (oh shiz)
Anthro Pairings;
Alex 'Tango' Goldheart X Amira Fawnheart (a.k.a Tanira)
Ryan 'Silver' Windsurfer X Hazel Hearthstone
Harry Thickle X Emma Chella
Luke 'Lucky' Claw X Wrath ???
Dylan 'Blitz' Light
:bulletpurple: -Open Adoptables-Hey guys, Jinx-The-Witch102 here :la:
This is the list of open adoptables! Be sure to check out the 'Featured' area of our gallery for any adopts I may miss! :la:
If you can share this list with anyone that may be interested in our adopts please send them a link please! Advertisement is greatly appreciated!  
Order: Oldest -> Newest
 <- Anthro Squirrel; Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICE-:bulletgreen:
 <- Feline/Cats; Three Open! :bulletgreen:-FREEBIES; JUST COMMENT FOR 'EM-:bulletgreen:       
 <- Anthros; One Open!
 <- Wolves; Three Open!          
 <- Old Characters; Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:       
:bulletpurple: CustomsHey all! Jinx-The-Witch102 here!
So, people lately seem to have been interested in customs
(In other words, you ask us to design you a character you want. :la:)
Soooo I thought it was about time to put up a journal about them!
PLEASE NOTE; We keep updated information on the front page about weither these are open
If you want commissions, please visit our accounts for those prices.
(Also, please remember to mention which artist you want to draw your custom. It saves confusion :XD:)

Jinx-The-Witch102 / Catherine

50-70:points: Currently 25-35:points: Regarding on difficulty!
Please fill out;
1; Style;
(E.g. Sonic, Anthro, Feral etc.)
2; Species; 
3; Gender;
*4; Theme;
(E.g. A set colour scheme or character theme such as horror, rave/neon, steampunk...)
5; Specifics;
(Special things you wanna define them by; e.g. Necklaces, Hair Styles,
:bulletpurple: Point Commission Prices (OPEN)Note; I am a VERY forgetful person, I will make a list of people who ask for these, but make sure to remind me Sweating a little...
Refunds are avaliable unless I have already finished inking
Images will be uploaded after full payment has been made
(*I will start working once I recieve at least half of my payment)
I can draw:
Animals (Real &/ Mythical)
Anthros / Fursonas
Sonic Characters
Fan Characters (e.g. Pokemon/Fakemon)
Mild Violence/Horror (Suitable for under 18's)
Mild Nudity (Suitable for under 18's)
I do NOT draw:
Yaoi/Yuri (Sorry guys, I don't like it)
Fetish Art (<- It's just... no. A big fat freakin' no.)
*If you want me to draw one of your OC's/FC's I'd like some sort of reference (or at least a full-body picture of them)*
        - Sketches - 20Points
        + 10
:bulletpurple: Paypal Commission Prices -HELP PLEASE-~Paypal Commissions Are Currently Closed Until I Work Out Prices I'm Happy With. Thank You For Your Time~
Some help with the pricing would be very much accepted and appreciated right now! ^^;
For point commission prices please look here -> Point Commission Prices (OPEN)

Full Body; £5
Half Body; £3
Extra Characters; +£3 each
Sketch Dump;

(Maximum of 8 sketches)
Uncoloured; £25
Patchy Colours; £35

Full Body;
Half Body; £5
Extra Characters; +£4 each
Flat Coloured;

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I'd uploaded her onto the adopts account a few days ago. Didn't you see her? o3o
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