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  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Noisy Freaks- Selection (Tasty Release)
Things have already started making progress towards improving, as problems start getting dealt with one by one.
I'm still kinda under some stress, but since at least main problems are being dealt with I'm in a bit more control of where my head's going ha ha...

I've decided that rather than going through this massive hunk of problems I have saved in my stash (I thought making a rant journal that I wouldn't upload would help- it didn't) I'll just point out the key things that were giving me so much aggro since the start of this year. These issues may just blow over before I know about it.
Also- I'm sorry if there's anyone I snapped at or had my mood drop out on them. ^^; I'm listing only the recent problems since after new years; there are other minor things that have been going on for longer which I honestly no longer care about. These are real life problems so no, I'm not asking for help. Some things just need to take their course, even if it's a pain in the butt-- =p

- Within one week...
    - My dad tried smashing my laptop and the X-Box we got for Christmas, as it was 'his money'
    - My mum tried to overdose on pain relief. She failed, thankfully.
    - Arguments between friends occurred over THE most retarded things.
    - My uncle got diagnosed with cancer in his lungs, intestine, kidneys, and as well as having liver problems.
    - My mum got diagnosed with depression (she's refused treatment). My dad thought he'd blame me for her mental state. Fun.
- People just don't know how to stop shouting and throwing accusations around at each other
- We learnt that my godfather that committed suicide at the end of last year did it via 4 shots of cyanide. We also learnt he had a 'practise' run during the summer which his brother had kept secret from everyone. Needless to say, my parents were not amused.

- More college stress, including science teachers throwing around threats to have my bursary cut if I don't somehow catch up with the work. (Ha ha jokes on them I use that money to get to college-) I'm also apparently meant to pay for my exam paper now somehow??
- My dad's diabetes has returned. He had it coming. Stupid twit shouldn't stop eating just because he's at work.
- Uncle is diagnosed as a dead-man walking as the tumours have spread to his lower spine, and the liver problems weren't actually cirrhosis like we first thought (he drinks a lot) but more tumours yaaay... He's meant to only have days or weeks. So we're just going with every day as it goes. He's currently in therapy to buy himself extra time, while my aunt panics.
- I turned 17 (woo go me) and my birthday actually became an excuse for people to have a sort of price war?... Like, this woman I hate (friend of the family, but I avoid her) started flaunting that she brought me some crappy tablet I don't like, whereas my uncle got me this game I wanted for a really long time for a much lower price?... What... some people urgh... still using both the things though. If money is spent it's just a case of shut up and play nice.
- Mum has been paranoid over people trying to pull this family apart, and has been throwing around accusations. As much as I think it's complete bullshit, her reason gives some sorta link towards why people were trying to be overly nice... I don't do well with people. But I still seem to draw in weirdos and creeps. ._."
- Apparently my uncle who brought me the game is now dating a drug dealer. Ha ha... god he's stupider than I thought.
- Creepers online be creepin'.

March (Now);
- Everyone is still aggro and my mum is still paranoid. But she's happier, so far arguments seem less frequent.
- My uncle stayed in hospital between Friday to Sunday because of health complications. On the Sunday he got let out for an hour before being shoved back into the hospital 
- More arguments with friends kinda pushed me a bit far... I was a bitch. But things are working themselves out? At least for a few of them.
- My immune system has been kinda cruddy since my birthday. I had flus, fevers, and all sorts. I even stopped breathing in my sleep just over a week ago, but it wasn't serious. I'm better now, and I'm hoping to catch up with drawing once I bundle through coursework. I have a lot of stuff to upload, but college has blocked DeviantArt under Social Media. Woop. :'3
- Art exam work is going great, I'm just 2 flipping marks off an A. The others are lagging, but I'm gonna try and get back onto it.

If you read all that... you deserve cookies.
Screw it.
Everyone can have cookies! :dummy:


Catherine (The Lazy)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

About Me;
:bulletblue: I'm a teenage girl who hopes to get a job, save up money, and then travel to different places around the world one day.
:bulletblue: I love to rp, but I'm very picky about my partners due to some very bad storylines. Yes, story. I like my rp's to have one if you want them to last. Even if it's semi-improvised. (I do script or paragraph if anyone's interested)
:bulletblue: I'm kinda awkward around new people... I never know how to start conversations unless someone else that I know is there
:bulletblue: My mood can bounce around a bit. Sorry if it drops out while I'm talking to you, it can't be helped usually.
:bulletblue: INTJ personality type.

Things you may find me on;
Flightrising | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Skype | Facebook
Note me if you want any of these links, worst I can do is say no.

To-Do List Of Terror:bulletblack: - Not Started
:bulletred: - On hold
:bulletblue: - Workin' On It
:bulletgreen: - Done

Real Life;
Art Homework
        :bulletblue: Exam Prep - Filling Book / Experimenting
History Homework
        :bulletblue: Reviiiiseeee....
Law Homework
        :bulletblue: More reviiiisiiing...
Science Homework
        :bulletred: Catch up.
:bulletred: Start saving up money needed for;
        :bulletred: Fabrics + Thread + Fabric Pens + Stuffing
        [Bullet; Black] Driving lessons
[Bullet; Red] Halloween YCH/Collab *Inking*
[Bullet; Blue] Contest entry *Shading*
[Bullet; Red] Theme Challenges (0/5 fully complete)
[Bullet; Red] - Finishing sketches
[Bullet; Red] - 100 Themes Challenge
[Bullet; Red] - Monster girls challenge
[Bullet; Red] - :devjinxed-dimensi
Character ListKey 1 - Relationships;
:bulletred: Shipped (THE GREAT WALL OF SHIPS)
:bulletpink: Free/Looking
:bulletblue: Cannot Be Shipped
:bulletwhite: Not Sure
:bulletblack: Dealing With Death
**Note; Bullets by kids names refers to relationships when they're ADULT
Key 2 - Other;
:bulletyellow: 'Sona
Sonic Characters
:bulletred: Spirit (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Dark (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Tyler (Shape)Shifter
:bulletred: Frost (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Flash (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Swift (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Topaz ???
[Bullet; Pink] Mystic (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Jewel (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Pink] Chaos (Shape)Shifter
[Bullet; Red] Kenji ???
[Bullet; Red] Elizabeth (Ellie) Stone
[Bullet; Pink] Abbie Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Issac Burnum
[Bullet; Pink] Iris Stone
[Bullet; Blue] Umber
[Bullet; Blue] John Murphy
[Bullet; Pink] Storm Cale
[Bullet; Blue] Alex Cale
[Bullet; Pink] Dusk Fletcher
[Bullet; Pink] Jacob Fle
:bulletyellow: Married / Engaged
:bulletred: Dating
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletwhite: Crack Pairing
:bulletblack: Is an innuendo/bad pun/Not Secure
:bulletblue: ??? (We're not sure what it comes under. |D)
:bulletorange: Dead (e.g. One half/both members of said ship are dead. No use. No shippy skippy. Kept for story purposes (e.g. they were so-and-so's parents)
Sonic Pairings;
:bulletyellow: Swift Shifter X Rose Bunny (a.k.a Swise)
:bulletyellow: Fear Bunny X Frost Shifter (a.k.a Fear)
:bulletyellow: Ace (Voice) X Dark Shifter (a.k.a Dace)
[Bullet; Red] Flash Shifter X Honey
[Bullet; Pink] Saber X Shard
[Bullet; Red] Tyler Shifter X Slash Bunny
[Bullet; Red] Bandit (Voice) X Leah (Voice) (a.k.a. Ledit)
[Bullet; Red] Blade Bunny X Ellie Stone
[Bullet; Red] Hack Bunny X Ruby
[Bullet; Yellow] Venom Bunny X Emerald Sparz
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red] Aiden SoulStealer X Kira
[Bullet; Pink] Luca ??? X Alisha Bunny
[Bullet; Red] / [Bullet; Yellow] Asilo Bunny X Skylar Griffin
[Bullet; Pink] / [Bullet; Red]
-Open Adoptables-Hey guys, Jinx-The-Witch102 here :la:
This is the list of open adoptables! Be sure to check out the 'Featured' area of our gallery for any adopts I may miss! :la:
Advertisement is greatly appreciated!  
Order: Oldest -> Newest
-Set Prices-
 <- Wolves; Three Open!          
 <- Old Characters; Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:       
 <- Chibi Dragon Adopts; Three Open!
<- Mystery Eggs #2; Two Open!
 <- Monster Adopts; One Open!
 <- Sonic Adopts (Female); Three Open! :bulletgreen:-REDUCED PRICES-:bulletgreen:
 <- Kitty Adopts!; Three Open!
CustomsHey all! Jinx-The-Witch102 here!
So, people lately seem to have been interested in customs
(In other words, you ask us to design you a character you want. :la:)
Soooo I thought it was about time to put up a journal about them!
PLEASE NOTE; We keep updated information on the front page about whether these are open
If you want commissions, please visit our accounts for those prices.
(Also, please remember to mention which artist you want to draw your custom. It saves confusion :XD:)

Jinx-The-Witch102 / Catherine
NEGOTIABLE (note me)
50-70:points: Regarding on difficulty!
Please fill out;
1; Style;
(E.g. Sonic, Anthro, Feral, Human...)
2; Species; 
(E.g. Vampire, Canine, Feline, Monster...)
3; Gender;
(...You saying you don't know male, female or herm? :stare:)
*4; Theme;
(E.g. A set colour scheme or character theme such as horror, rav
        - Sketches - 30Points
        + 15Points for every extra character(s)
    **+ 10Points for flat/patchy colours
       - Sketch Dumps - 80Points
        - Traditional sketch dumps have roughly 6-7 pictures depending on size of sketches
        - Digital sketch dumps will have a limit of 8 pictures
        +10Points for each sketch with flat/patchy colours
        - <
Paypal Commission Prices Revised (OPEN)For point commission prices please look here -> Point Commission Prices (OPEN)

Full Body;                       £2.50 / 3€ /$4                                            [Ex1]  [Ex2] [Ex3- Colour]
Half Body;                  £1.50 / 2€ / $2.5                                

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